New-build beachside properties

Have you ever dreamed of throwing open your curtains every morning to view the beach and sea beyond? Well why not live the dream? The coasts of Great Briton provide a wealth of opportunities to buy new by the briney!

In this issue we will be reviewing two fantastic newbuild beachside properties in Whitstable in Kent.

We often gravitate to the shore when on our holidays but what about enjoying the seaside every day? The sea and seaside has long been reputed to promote wellbeing and there is nothing like a stroll along the shore to blow away the cobwebs!

It is well known that the thyroid gland is responsible for the working of the nervous system, your level of metabolism and growth. To function properly it needs iodine, an element which is commonly found in sea water, seaweed, algae and kelp. Iodine also has antiseptic properties. In thalassotherapy (from the Greek word thalassa meaning sea) trace elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and iodine found in seawater are believed to be absorbed through the skin. All these elements are essential to good health.

The antiseptic properties of sea water can also be made good use of. Small cuts and injuries, bathed in sea water will heal faster and psoriasis and eczema sufferers have found relief from bathing in the sea.

Owning a coastal property means you have an ideal location for healthy exercise in various forms. The simplest is of course a walk in the sand. Walking barefoot trains the legs and massages the soles of the feet. Swimming in the ocean is brilliant exercise for people of all ages. It trains the arm, chest and leg muscles better than a swim in the pool, because you have to fight the current and the waves.

Aerobic exercise on the beach is much healthier than in the gym as the sand provides a cushioned surface alleviating problems to joints and muscles. The sunlight also gives you a feeling of well being along with a healthy tan. Sea air is moist and therefore will keep your skin moisturised and can prevent wrinkles for longer. Sea water mixed with sand can even be used as a body scrub.

Our featured properties in Whitstable in Kent, Port House and Starboard House, have beach access from the back lawn and have been designed with accommodation over three floors and all of the principal rooms boast uninterrupted sea views. They are constructed inline with the code for sustainable homes standard and inside the rooms have a sleek, high specification finish. The properties offer solid oak floors, stone worktops and a ‘schuco’ aluminium glazing system. Each four bedroom house has off street parking, granite terraces, lawned back gardens and 40ft front gardens. A large rear seating deck gives direct access via a granite pathway onto the beach. Both freehold properties are on Admiralty Walk and are located in undoubtedly one of Whitstable’s most enviable positions.

The properties are on the market with Harvey Richards & West – Port House has an asking price of £775,000 while Starboard House is priced at £750,000.

For more details call the agent on 01227 771196

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